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Kiki King

Kiki King
REALTOR®, Sales Manager/BIC
Diamond Head Office
614 Kapahulu Avenue, Suite 200
Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 484-3309

When and why did you begin your career in real estate? I became licensed in 2006 – right before the market crash in 2007/2008. I was able to see what a down market looked like and lived to tell the tale! Actually, I ended up in real estate somewhat by accident. My husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) asked me to take real estate classes with him, which I really didn’t want to do…but long story short, I ended up enjoying the classes more than I thought I would, and decided to see where a career in real estate would lead me. I’ve gained some of the most valuable life experiences and the best of friendships by saying “yes” to real estate! This is one of the reasons why I believe that the best opportunities can come to you in the most surprising ways – so, don’t be too quick to dismiss an open door!

What led you to want to coach other agents? To me, coaching is a calling. I truly enjoy empowering people to discover and fulfill their own definition of success. Coaching is more than a job; it’s a naturally fulfilling role for me. I believe that I can help people find belonging and where they fit in the industry through coaching. Coaching helps people identify the areas in their career, life and mindset that need to be confronted, and create a plan of action to make the necessary adjustments.

What do you think are the best skills that you bring to your job? My diverse background and experience help me to understand people at all levels. I started in the real estate business as a sales agent. Then, I became an assistant to a successful, top-producing agent who specialized in the high-end condo market, working with a loyal clientele of foreign nationals and savvy investors. Through this experience, I learned the best practices of a team model (before “teams” were a thing!), as well as the daily disciplines and elevated service that Top Producers bring to the table – from prospecting and marketing to escrow management to post-closing client services.

I also worked as a Transaction Manager with Locations for seven years, closing more than 2,280 transactions during my tenure, and managing an average of 65 ~ 70 escrows at any given time for a roster of 30+ agents – many of whom were consistent Top Producers. This gave me a thorough understanding of the escrow process and all of its intricacies. I also absorbed a myriad of practical strategies on how to resolve complex issues and manage the delicate relationships that can be put on the line during stressful transactions.

Building upon the experience I gained as a Transaction Manager, I then moved into a Broker-in-Charge position, where I elevated my understanding of our real estate contracts, addenda, relevant laws related to risk management and how to diffuse and resolve contractual issues at a BIC level.

After that, I stepped into the role of a Business Development Manager, where I was able to explore my ability to coach agents and use my background to help my agents strengthen and grow their business and life to accomplish their goals.

Then my next role was the Director of Sales Programs and Productivity, where I was able to pull the curtain back on several programs and initiatives, which helped me to understand more about all the amazing resources we have at our disposal here at Locations – from our Retail, BMLS and Greenie programs, to our many company initiatives, and all the incredible people we have on staff and in our agent population who help to make the engine of this company hum.

Aside from my experience in the real estate industry, my husband and I also had our own streetwear clothing brand for a few years, which we built from the ground up. We had to learn graphic design, printing and production, marketing and sales. With a very slim marketing budget at that time, we went strong into organic, guerrilla strategies such as Facebook and Instagram, collaborations with other brands and personalities, sponsorships, events and more. After about 5 years, we had built a network of over 12K followers on Instagram and over 4K fans on Facebook, with loyal customers all over the world – from the Mainland US, Japan and Brazil to Canada and Australia. Our social media presence is what led to exclusive invitations to some of the industry’s coveted trade shows and helped us to build connections with influential figures in the community.

What do you think is your most important role as a coach? I feel that the most important thing I can offer to agents as a coach is to help them to uncover what is truly at the root of what’s important to them and their business in this season of their lives. Once we understand that, we can work backwards and build the necessary habits, skills, thoughts and beliefs, and put into place the adjustments that are required in order to accomplish their goals. So, to me, trust with my agents is of paramount importance.

Agents describe Kiki as: Happy. Helpful. Knowledgeable. Kind. At least that’s what I hope they would say! Oh, and fun!

Personality profile: Most people can never guess what DiSC style I am (just kidding! LOL). I am totally an “i” on the DiSC personality wheel! I’m also an Enneagram 2, and if you know about the Strengthsfinders test, my strengths (in this order) are: Futuristic | Positivity | Strategic | Activator | Connectedness

Pet peeve: The sound of teeth grinding on a metal utensil. Cringe. I. just. can’t.

Go-to fix for a bad day: Talenti gelato – mint or coffee! But, a healthier alternative would be a Peloton ride with my girl, Ally Love. Her classes always boost my mood!

Morning person or night owl? Morning person. Definitely. I go to sleep early like a grandma. But I also wake up early and have a morning routine that I do religiously in order to get ready to win the day.

Face to face, call or text? Text and in person. One good thing to come out of the pandemic was Zoom. I’ve come to enjoy Zoom because it allows us to see faces and body language, just like you get during in-person interactions. And text is great for efficient communication and easy questions.

Most admire: My dad. He’s loyal, a hard worker, has good values and has always put our family first. No matter what we’ve been through as a family, he’s always been a steadfast rock, a good provider and although a man of few words, it’s always words that are wise.

Typical work day: My morning routine is to wake up at 5 a.m., make a pot of coffee and then I take some quiet time for my personal devotionals. I’ll take a shower, then listen to a podcast or YouTube video that will feed my mind as I’m getting ready for the day. Then I check my emails and review my schedule and to-do list before I head out the door. At work, I try to have at least three “big rocks” of what I need to accomplish for the day before shutting down. Then, the best part is coming home to relax and spend time with my two dogs and husband!

Personal motto: My personal motto is that everything will work out in the end if you keep the faith. I even have a (small) tattoo on my arm to remind me of this when the going gets tough.

Oh! And don’t be afraid to ask for help…nobody gets anywhere by knowing everything. The minute you think you know everything is the day you stop growing.

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