Talk Story With Michael Yoshino

Q and A with Mike on how transferring to Locations has helped improve his business and work life balance via TM and culture at locations.

Born and raised in Honolulu, Michael Yoshino is a graduate of the University of Hawaii and McGeorge School of Law at the University of the Pacific. He has been selling real estate for nearly two decades. Michael sat down with us to share a little about his business and personal life since joining Locations in the summer of 2014.

Mike Yoshino talk story

Q: Before you became a REALTOR® what did you do?
Michael: I was an attorney, but I quickly realized that I did not enjoy the adversarial nature of the job. In real estate, there is a nice balance between contracts and negotiation where I can apply my skills as a lawyer for good. The thing I enjoy most about real estate is that it is not based on conflict but on solutions and doing right by the client.

Q: How do you approach your business?
A: I approach my business with an emphasis on building relationships. By creating and maintaining these authentic relationships clients take comfort in knowing I have their best interest in mind. As a result, referrals are my top lead source but more importantly I have clients for life.

Q: When did you start thinking about Locations?
A: About 7 years into my business I began to feel my productivity was not where it could be. To grow my business, I tried sourcing outside programs and staff to assist with my transactions but I could never find the right fit.

Q: Why did you come to Locations?
A: Two words, Transaction Management. Before I came to Locations, I was weighed down by listing presentations, setting up showings, opening escrow and all of the moving parts of a transaction. Sometimes I would focus on the paperwork all day long without having a chance to call a single client. Now, my focus is entirely on servicing my clients and my Transaction Managers handle the rest.

Q: What was your first 90 days at Locations like?
A: I immediately realized how helpful everyone at Locations is. I was approached by Partners who made sure promises were being delivered and the admin staff provided incredible support to ensure a seamless transition to the programs that immediately improved the efficiency of my business.

Q: Since joining Locations how has your production improved?
A: It has been higher than ever and extremely consistent. I’ve closed 43% more in volume and I’m on track to nearly double my annual volume from 3 years ago.

Q: What impact has Locations had on your life?
A: My work life balance has dramatically improved as I can spend more time with friends, family, my church and at Crossfit. With Transaction Management on my side, I’m able to have fun as a REALTOR®, as my focus is now on the happiness of my clients.

Q: What would your advice be for someone thinking about Locations?
A: Reach out to a friend or a Locations agent to start a dialogue to better understand the benefits. When people ask me about Locations, I always tell them this firm serves all client types and continuously reinvests in programs like CRM, farming, email and educational training. When it comes to technology, Locations is innovative and considers future tools agents need to support their business and clients.

Q: As a Locations agent, how do other agents perceive you?
A: We are professional, well trained and are confident our transaction will go through to close.

Q: In 5 years where do you think you’ll be?
A: I’ll have a thriving and self-sustaining business where growth is fueled entirely from the repeat referrals of happy clients. As my business continues to grow I’m relieved to know I can maintain a healthy work life balance by leveraging the programs and resources Locations provides.

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