We believe that real estate is a career, not a hobby. That’s we encourage our agents to grow their careers through hands-on training and shared learning. It's no wonder then that our agents earn more than the industry average.

Partners in Your Success

You’ve invested countless hours (and dollars!) in growing your real estate business. So why work for a real estate firm where you’re not provided with the tools, training and support to reach your maximum potential? At Locations, we’re committed to being your partner in success.

Coming Back to Locations

Watch Koa Cassady, Locations’ Rookie of the Year in 2014, share how his confidence in his real estate business soared when he came back to Locations last year.

Take Your Career to New Heights

Michael Garcia explains how joining Locations has increased his earnings, elevated the service that he provides to clients, and increased time spent with family.

Gaining Career Confidence With Melvin Leon Guerrero

Training, support and coaching helped Melvin gain confidence and realize his career goals so he can now give back to the industry.

Talk Story With Michael Yoshino

Q and A with Mike on how transferring to Locations has helped improve his business and work life balance via TM and culture at locations.

The Locations Difference: Programs and Tools

Watch as Elizabeth La Riva, Jason Lee and others share their success stories and describe the programs that could take your career to new heights, too.

Customize Your Career

Musician, TV producer, family man and Realtor, Jon Yamasato shares how the support he receives at Locations allows him to customize his career in order to meet the demands of his busy life while remaining a Top 100 Realtor.

Make More Money at Locations: By the Numbers

What happens when agents join Locations?  They become more productive and earn more.

Continuous Skill-Building Training to Help You Reach Sales Goals

At Locations, your sales goals are our sales goals, too. That’s why we provide the education and training opportunities necessary for agent success.

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