Partners in Your Success

You’ve invested countless hours (and dollars!) in growing your real estate business. So why work for a real estate firm where you’re not provided with the tools, training and support to reach your maximum potential? At Locations, we’re committed to being your partner in success.

Choosing a real estate firm with a reputation for excellence in client service, market research and agent support is key to a successful, lasting career in real estate.

Our independent, local market research shows that the agent-firm relationship is a key decision-making factor for clients when considering which agent to work with. As Hawaii’s leading independent real estate firm for the past 50 years, our agents—and by extension, their clients—have forged meaningful, lasting relationships with Locations that have been passed on from generation to generation.

From the moment that new agents sign on, they are welcomed by the entire Locations ‘ohana. Our “Better Together” philosophy encourages an atmosphere of shared learning and open communication. When you choose a firm that truly has your back, your confidence radiates in all that you do. We bet your clients will notice, too.

More Grow Your Career

The Power of Mentorship

Being in the real estate business can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. At Locations our agents benefit from a culture of shared learning and mentorship. By having an accountability partner, agents like Bryan Balisacan have grown their business into a career.

Locations Invests in 1031 Resources for Agents

Locations offers a variety of training resources, assets and client seminars to help you find new investor clients and re-engage with your current investor clients.

Talk Story With Michael Yoshino

Q and A with Mike on how transferring to Locations has helped improve his business and work life balance via TM and culture at locations.

Continuous Skill-Building Training to Help You Reach Sales Goals

At Locations, your sales goals are our sales goals, too. That’s why we provide the education and training opportunities necessary for agent success.

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