Our proven curriculum continuously exposes our agents to industry best practices, so you never have to learn on the fly.

Life After Real Estate

Regina Mass spent her entire 28-year career in real estate at Locations. When it came time to retire in 2018, she was apprehensive about her next steps. Thanks to the Locations Legacy Program, Regina is able to enjoy retirement, knowing that she can supplement her Social Security income by referring her friends and former clients to Locations.

Information is Gold

REALTOR® James Chan knows that when it comes to advising clients on Oahu’s many, varied neighborhoods, in-depth information is more valuable than gold.

The Locations Difference: Programs and Tools

Watch as Elizabeth La Riva, Jason Lee and others share their success stories and describe the programs that could take your career to new heights, too.

Locations Has My Back

Watch Sean Yano, a former professional surfer and entrepreneur, explain why he left Locations after a successful 13-year career – and why he chose to come back to the company that has his back.

Be More Efficient With Transaction Management

Listen to Bonnie Ishii-Coen describe how Transaction Management helps frees up her time and improves her business.

Coaching to Set you Apart

Watch REALTOR®-turned-Sales Coach Michelle Lynch discuss how Locations’ coaching can help take your career to the next level. Whether you’ve been in the business 30 days or 30 years, our coaches work with you to personalize your business plan and create winning sales strategies.

Unmatched Access to Hawaii's Most Complete Market Data & Research

Locations offers the most comprehensive market data of any real estate company in Hawaii.

Investing in Your Career Pays Dividends

Just like in real estate, the investments you make in your career today will pay dividends in the future.

Shorten the Learning Curve

It’s no secret: Ask anyone in the industry and they will tell you that Locations’ training and learning opportunities help REALTORS® to grow their businesses faster and more effectively than any other training program.

Proven Programs & Tools

Our proven programs and tools enable our agents to differentiate themselves.

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