Save Time, Make More Sales

Our Transaction Management team has managed more than 30,000 sales, allowing our agents to focus on growing their business and improving their quality of life – not tedious paperwork. 

transaction management

For more than a decade, our agents have played an integral role in creating and continuously advancing our Transaction Management (TM) program. Through our 10 transaction management specialists, we manage the entire escrow process. 

Our TM team members manage more than 2,000 sales per year. Because our TMs are licensed real estate professionals, they are able to engage in real estate conversations, write addendums and amend contracts on your behalf– saving you valuable time to grow your business and pursue your passions. 

Compared to the cost of hiring an assistant, Locations’ TM program will help you to save thousands of dollars in personal expenses each year. We’ll also help you to avoid the challenges of hiring, training and managing quality control by handling it for you. 

With Locations’ TM, you can rest easy knowing that your next transaction will go as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

TM Platinum

Our new TM Platinum program assists agents with tasks prior to the acceptance of a contract. Once an agent receives an accepted contract, our TMs will open escrow on behalf of the agent and client, and from there, the file is managed by our TMs for the life the escrow. With TM Platinum, our TMs prepare and obtain approvals on listing agreements, input the listing into MLS, enter showing appointments, draft counter offers and Purchase Contracts, and order brokers’ prelims, surveys and M-1 documents.

More Sales Support and Resources

Proven Technology Tools to Empower Real Estate Agents

Our proven tech tools enable Locations agents to stand out in a competitive industry.

Life After Real Estate

Regina Mass spent her entire 28-year career in real estate at Locations, so when it came time to retire, she was apprehensive about her next steps. But thanks to the Locations Legacy Program, Regina is able to enjoy retirement, knowing that she can supplement her Social Security income by referring her friends and former clients to Locations.

Meet Locations Coach Atau Sakuma

Get to know Atau, and see if he’d be the right real estate coach for you!

Career coaches dedicated to your success

At Locations, you’re never on your own. Our team of coaches is only a knock, call or text away, ready to support our agents with the guidance, tools and encouragement needed to accelerate their business.

Brokers-in-Charge (of Making You Look Good!)

At Locations, whether you’re an experienced agent or new to the business, you’ll never be on your own. Our team of knowledgeable, non-selling Brokers-in-Charge are available on your schedule to assist you with contract writing, risk management and dispute resolution.

The Power of Mentorship

Being in the real estate business can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. At Locations our agents benefit from a culture of shared learning and mentorship. By having an accountability partner, agents like Bryan Balisacan have grown their business into a career.

Locations Invests in 1031 Resources for Agents

Locations offers a variety of training resources, assets and client seminars to help you find new investor clients and re-engage with your current investor clients.

Unmatched Access to Hawaii's Most Complete Market Data & Research

Locations offers the most comprehensive market data of any real estate company in Hawaii.

Investing in Your Career Pays Dividends

Just like in real estate, the investments you make in your career today will pay dividends in the future.

Shorten the Learning Curve

It’s no secret: Ask anyone in the industry and they will tell you that Locations’ training and learning opportunities help Realtors® to grow their businesses faster and more effectively than any other training program.

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