Motivation, with a Side of Coaching and a Sprinkling of Fun!

What motivates you to succeed? Some people are motivated by cash, while others are motivated to simply be Number 1. Since people rarely reach their goals alone, the support from a trusted friend or colleague is also key to staying motivated.

Sales contests that motivate and engage

To help keep our agents energized and on track to achieve their goals, Locations sponsors annual sales contests that combine fabulous prizes and friendly competition. Because our unofficial motto is “Better Together,” no one is left on their own in a Locations Sales Contest.

Our sales contests always include:

  • Coaching support
  • Weekly in-person or online training sessions
  • Digital leader boards throughout our 5 offices (so teams always know where they stand!)
  • Serious prizes (we’re talking thousands of dollars!)

“Show me the money!”

Earlier this month, we launched our biggest sales contest ever to encourage and energize agents to finish the year strong. We’ll be giving away thousands of dollars in prize money, so it seemed appropriate to name this contest “Show Me the Money!” (For those too young to get the reference, “Show me the money!” is a famous line spoken by Cuba Gooding Jr. to Tom Cruise, who plays sports agent Jerry Maguire in the 1996 blockbuster movie by the same name).

Every Monday until the end of the contest, our coaches and staff will present workshops on topics ranging from how to take control of your digital reputation to how to host a successful open house. These workshops are designed to provide agents with the training and tools they need to boost their business (and help to propel their team to victory).

Browse recent sales contest education topics.

Want in on all the fun? Talk to a Locations agent — we’d love to share more with you!

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