How to Market Your Listings Like a Top Producer

In a changing market, highly successful agents understand the importance of effective marketing to reach more buyers and sell more homes.

As a former independent sales representative for surf companies, Locations Partner and a top producer Cory Takata knew firsthand the importance of lasting client relationships long before launching his real estate career nine years ago. Thanks to the mentorship, training and resources Cory has received at Locations, he’s mastered the art of effectively marketing his listings, too.

Cory’s strong relationships with potential buyers and other industry professionals give his listings a significant edge from the get-go, but he also understands the value in creating buzz around a new listing to maximize its exposure and desirability. Using a variety of mediums, as well as Locations marketing resources and tools, he strategically tailors his efforts to reach large pools of potential buyers.

Watch as Cory shares his tips for selling listings more quickly and for the best price with hosts Kiki King and Bryan Balisacan. In this 20-minute episode, Cory shares:

  • Why “pre-marketing” matters
  • How to get more eyes on your listings
  • How to determine an optimal price point
  • The importance of quality of marketing materials
  • What to do when your listing is languishing on the market

By following these proven tips, real estate professionals can take their marketing efforts to new heights, increasing the visibility, desirability, and, ultimately, the success of their listings!

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