The Transaction that Changed Noa Hussey's Career

A challenging transaction led Noa Hussey to Locations; our values are why he’s stayed.

In October 2020, Realtor-Associate Noa Hussey® found himself opposite Locations Partner and Realtor® Glen Fujihara in what would become a long-drawn-out and complicated transaction lasting months and causing Noa to suffer many sleepless nights. By the time the transaction finally concluded almost six months later, Noa was so moved by “Uncle Glen’s” collaborative approach and the support Locations offers that he joined the firm in April 2021.

Noa was initially drawn to our exceptional team of brokers-in-charge and unmatched Legal Defense Fund, but it’s the feeling of family he’s found at Locations that’s kept him here. At Locations, Noa can rest easy knowing that he has the backing of experienced coaches, dedicated transaction managers and the lowest agent-to-admin ratio in the industry.

Since joining Locations, Noa has became the Project Sales Team Manager for Ililani (and he’s having fun at work again, too).

Does Noa’s story of sleepless nights and lack of support during a difficult transaction sound familiar? You don’t have to stick it out in a stressful environment for your career to thrive—give us a call and let’s talk about how you’d fit in to the Locations family.

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