Real Estate Farming With Real Results

Locations’ time-tested real estate farming program gets real results. From our beloved holiday cards to our superior glossy postcards, our mailers are a cut above the rest.

Watch as Locations agent Angela Brenna describes how she uses the “just-sold-cycle” farming strategy to get new listings and why she calls the number 8 the “miracle number.”

Angela and Locations’ Farming Manager work together to devise a strategy that combines tried-and-true marketing principles with a dash of psychology. She also relies on support from Premier Title and Escrow (a Locations affiliate), our Research Department and her Transaction Manager.

What is real estate farming?

Farming is a systematic, scheduled way to reach out to a particular segment of clients or potential clients using a variety of marketing collateral. Agents can “farm,” or plant the seeds for a future transaction, a specific neighborhood or building—known as geo-farming—or their “sphere of influence” or database of existing contacts—known as SOI-farming.

What is geo-farming?

Geo-farming is a prospecting method that helps career real estate agents to establish themselves as neighborhood or building experts. With consistent outreach, an agent is positioned to be top-of-mind when a real estate need arises within their geographic area. Geo-farming also introduces the agent to a new group of potential clients that can be converted to an SOI contact.​

What is SOI-farming?

The goal of SOI-farming is to convert your personal and professional contacts to clients. Since your SOI contacts already know who you are, contact can be less frequent. We suggest reaching out to these contacts at least once each quarter—our unique, interactive and personalized holiday mailers are an excellent way to let your SOI contacts know that you’re thinking of them.

What makes Locations’ farming program different?

Many title and escrow companies provide marketing mailer services. However, the quality of our mailings sets our agents apart. At Locations, we produce only professionally designed glossy mailers, branded just for our agents.

Locations’ farming program is affordable, convenient and, most important, effective. Our marketing experts will listen to your goals and help you to formulate a winning farming strategy. You can leave the rest, including production and mailing, to us!

Our Luxury Locations mailers are created in-house with agent input and printed on thick, high-gloss paper to make a lasting impression on the most discerning clients.

How long will it take to see results?

In our decades of real estate farming experience, we’ve found that agents who send at least five mailers a year for three years can expect to make at two sales a year, after the third year, as a result of their farming efforts.

Farming is a long-term proposition, and it can take time to see results. However, with eye-catching mailers and expert advice from the Locations Marketing Department, you’ll build name recognition within your farm—and the referrals and sales will follow.

To see even more examples of our best-in-class real estate marketing mailers, check out our 2022 Farming Catalog, and to learn how Locations’ farming program could help to grow your business, contact us today!

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