Stay Top of Mind With Your Sphere

Sphere of influence, or SOI, farming is vital to growing and maintaining your real estate business. At Locations, we make SOI farming easy, with eye-catching mailers, professional advice and proven strategies to earn more business.

Five Reasons to SOI Farm

SOI farming is a type of farming, or a systematic, scheduled way to reach out to a particular segment of clients — in this case, existing contacts.

Here are the top 5 reasons Locations recommends SOI farming to all of our agents:

  1. Nurture relationships
  2. Foster repeat business​
  3. Ask for referrals
  4. Warm leads​
  5. Stay top-of-mind

Who’s in my SOI?

​Your SOI consists of all the people you’ve encountered who have shared their contact info and are in your database. People in your SOI can be at any stage in the sales cycle, from ready to buy to “just looking.”

SOI Farming Methods

There are several methods to reach your SOI through direct mail, including:

  • Holiday Mailers​
  • Busy Card​
  • Market Reports
  • Newsletters​
  • Success Map

SOI Best Practices

Locations provides agents with a customized SOI farming plan tailored to meet their specific goals and budget.

For maximum results, Locations recommends:

  • Match your message to your target group
  • Take advantage of Locations’ signature imprint and mailing service
  • 4 to 6 SOI mailers per year
  • At least one holiday mailer​ (Locations offers four: Chinese New Year, May Day, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving)
  • At least one real estate-related mailer (busy card, market report or success map)​

​What SOI Farming is Not

  • Opportunistic mailers (for example, “just listed” or “sold”)
  • Sending mailers infrequently or inconsistently
  • Sending mailers to different groups of clients
  • Your only marketing channel

​The Locations Difference

At Locations, we offer more than just your typical client mailers—we’re your one-stop-shop! Our agents have access to:

  • One-on-one consultation to determine farming goals and target groups, long-term calendar and cost estimates​
  • Custom mailing lists
  • On-demand design and tailored messaging​
  • Custom data and charts from Locations Research Department
  • Unique and fun holiday mailers—a client favorite!

Ready to start (or grow) your own SOI farm? Give us a call today to learn how Locations’ farming program could help you!

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