Pop-By Strategies for the Holidays and Beyond

Pop-bys are a sure-fire way to let your clients know that you’re thinking of them during the holiday season, or anytime of year! The simple act of popping by a client’s home to say “hi” with a small token of your appreciation can go a long way toward earning you repeat business and referrals.

What is a pop-by?

In real estate, a “pop-by” is the act of stopping by a client’s home to hand-deliver a gift. This will often create an opportunity to catch up with your clients—and could even lead to a referral. You don’t need a big budget to pull off a successful pop-by; all you need is a little bit of planning and a lot of heart!

Locations Partner and Realtor® Anina Quaranto is known for her clever (and effective!) pop-bys. From gifting Thanksgiving bentos for the family dog to lemons from her own garden, Anina conducts thoughtful, consistent and strategic pop-bys throughout the year—helping to ensure that she stays top-of-mind with her clients.

Plan the perfect pop-by

  • Choose a gift that you can buy in bulk and that fits your budget
  • Shop your own backyard: Fresh fruit, flowers or plants are always well-received
  • Use your talents: Homemade cookies, jams or even jewelry are extra-special
  • Check out craft fairs, local boutiques or Etsy.com for hand-crafted gifts
  • Allow time for gifts to be personalized
  • Include your personal branding and contact information with your gift (personalized stickers make branding a breeze!)

Theme it: Pop-by ideas for any season

The winter holiday season is an opportune time for pop-bys; you’re already in gift-giving mode, and your clients will likely be feeling festive, too. However, you don’t need to wait for a traditional holiday to call on your clients.

Below are just a few pop-by ideas, for holidays or any day—add a cute tag and a ribbon, and you’re good to go:

  • Summer BBQ sauces or condiments
  • Fall-scented hand soap or candles
  • Holiday-themed cookie cutters and spatulas
  • “New home” Christmas ornament with the year of purchase
  • Gardening trowel, seeds or plants

Need more ideas? Search for “pop-by ideas” on Pinterest!

After the pop-by

Your job isn’t over once you’ve dropped off your gift. Be sure to update your CRM with who you saw, what you gave them and what you talked about. If someone mentioned a real estate need or a possible referral, make a note to follow up with them soon.

If your clients weren’t home when you popped by, leave a handwritten “sorry I missed you” note or snap a selfie of you at their door and text them to be on the lookout for your gift.

Finally, consistency is key. Plan to pop in on your top clients several times a years, on top of your other client touches, like SOI farming and client appreciation events.

Could you use some assistance with planning your client outreach strategy? At Locations, our agents receive complimentary, one-on-one coaching that’s tailored to their skills, needs and budget. Find out how our coaches could help you, too—contact us today at careers@locationshawaii.com!

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