Hosting Client Appreciation Events That Build Loyalty

In a changing market, referrals are key. If your past clients aren’t referring you to their friends and family, hosting a client appreciation event is a fun (and effective!) way to build loyalty.

Locations sales coaches recommend seeing your top clients face-to-face at least once a quarter to stay top-of-mind and maximize your chances of earning referral business. Client appreciation events are one of the easiest ways to catch up with clients and remind them that you’re ready to serve them, or their friends and family, in their next real estate transaction.

Types of client appreciation events

When it comes to client appreciation parties, there’s no right or wrong way to throw a party! Consider who you will be inviting and their interests. Would a day- or night-time event work best? Indoors or out? Fancy or casual? It’s up to you!

Some of our favorite client appreciation events include:

  • Pool party: Host at your home (if you have a pool) or reserve pool time at a club; arrange for catering so you can relax and visit with your guests.
  • Movie night: Rent out a theater and treat your guests to a variety of movie snacks.
  • Dinner out: Reserve a private room at your favorite restaurant—decorate tables with balloons, centerpieces or a small gift.
  • Game night: Pick a restaurant or bar to watch the big game and bring a fun board game that will get your guests laughing.
  • Picnic at a park: Think lawn games, bounce houses or even a food truck!

Who to invite

Before you make your guest list, consider the number of guests you’d be most comfortable hosting and if you’d be able to have conversations with them all—after all, that’s one of your main goals!

Your client appreciation event guest list could include:

  • “A+” clients (they have used you for multiple transactions or referred you to multiple people)
  • Client who share common interests
  • Current clients
  • Past clients

Pro tip: For larger events, plan for 30 to 50 percent of your invitees to attend.

Enlist help

A large client appreciation event can be expensive, especially if you factor in food, drinks and entertainment. The good news is that you don’t have to foot the bill on your own! Tap your personal and professional network to find mutually beneficial opportunities and share costs.

Some of our cost-saving tips include:

  • Partner with a loan officer to share costs; be sure to introduce your loan officer to your guests.
  • Invite friends with small businesses to demonstrate their services at your event; think: photographers, massage therapists, balloon artists, bakers, etc.
  • Call on your favorite vendors to sponsor drinks, food or raffle prizes; prominently display vendor logos and business cards, and invite your vendors to the event.

Remember to follow up

After your event, don’t forget to send a handwritten note to all attendees. If you have a photo of you with your clients from the event, be sure to include it, too! It’s also a good idea to send a personal note to your invitees who weren’t able to attend—let them know you hope to see them next time.

Finally, update your CRM after the event, noting who attended, what you talked about and who might be ready to transact again soon.

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